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Thank you for a successful conference! The Organizing Committee would like to thank all conference participants for their participations and contributions. View final » schedule and download links to » papers & handouts.

We hope to see you all at » LESLLA VII next year.

Sixth International LESLLA Symposium
August 26-28, 2010, hosted by University of Cologne


Research, Practice, and Policy for Low-educated Second Language
and Literacy Acquisition – for Adults (LESLLA)

Low Educated Second Language and Literacy Acquisition (LESLLA) for Adults is an
international forum of researchers who share an interest in research into the
development of second language skills by adult immigrants and refugees with little or
no schooling in the home country, low levels of literacy in the native language, and
limited proficiency in the language of the new country.

LESLLA’s goal is to share empirical research and information that will guide further
studies on second language acquisition for the adult immigrant population with limited
formal education. This research, in turn, is meant to influence educational policy
development in all those countries where immigrants settle and are likely to need
educational support.




Christian Eickbusch
Last updated September 27, 2010